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Absolute Fireworks
Absolute Fireworks

Indoor pyrotechnics in all shapes and sizes are available from Acclaim Fireworks. We have spent years working with numerous clients and venues and are always coming up with new and innovative ways to WOW an audience.

Even though most people associate pyrotechnics with the huge fireworks that you see on a large outdoor display, some can also be as small as a few centimetres! From indoor small static fountains through to massive 3m animated extravaganzas, they produce very different results.

At Acclaim we have a wide range of indoor effects available, so whether its stage effects or table settings for your Award Ceremony, Party, Stage Show or for that special moment at your Wedding, Acclaim Fireworks have the right effect for the right event.

We work closely with clients and venues and all safety factors will be taken into account before going ahead with any indoor pyrotechnics. We complete full site surveys and risk assessments for all venues. Please contact us if you would like to talk with someone about using pyrotechnics in an upcoming event.

We can bring Flames as a special effect for any event for an unbelievable WOW accent. You can place these units very close to talent and scenic elements. Curved Flame Bars can be used for reveals and attract attention. Match jets of fire blasting down and you have some awesome entrance.

Looking for a great way for creating excitement at your event Confetti and Streamers have stood the test of time. The Co2 Confetti Cannons shoot the confetti and streamers into the air creating a spectacular visual effect on stage or ground.

A spray of gold and silver sparks which reaches a height of 12feet. It can be placed at close proximity to Products and Performing artists.

It creates a thick plume of very dense white or coloured smoke. These effects are used on stage during artist performance or in films for dream sequences and special effects. It is also used as smoke generators for testing leaks in industrial liquid and gas storage tanks in public and private sectors and in Marine industry.

Snow and Fog machine's produces clouds of Smoke or Fog on demand. They are used for Live Concerts, Stage shows and in theatres, night clubs, film and television studios, theme parks and other entertainment applications.

Absolute Fireworks
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